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Fired up and ready to take action? That's what we like to hear! Here are FOUR ways to start making a difference:

ACTION 1: Get Informed and Educate Others

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.
  • Check out our resources and share with your friends
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about this film and share your knowledge about organic, local, and sustainable food

ACTION 2: Do It Yourself

  • Grow your own food (the National Gardening Association has great tips) and donate what you can’t eat to a local food bank.  
  • Vote with your fork. Spend your food dollars at local farmer’s markets, food producers, and sustainable restaurants.
  • Cook at home more often and teach your friends and family what you know about cooking.

ACTION 3: Join the Community

  • Volunteer at a community garden, school garden, or your local farmer’s market
  • Get involved with your local Slow Food chapter or other sustainable food organization
  • Get to know your local farmers. Most of them are very passionate about what they do and are happy to answer your questions about their farming practices

ACTION 4: Get Political

  • Sign our petitions (COMING SOON!)
  • Form a parent group to push for changes in your child’s school lunch program. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a great toolkit on their website
  • Attend a meeting of your local food policy council
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commented 2014-09-14 08:26:30 -0700 · Flag
Monsantos….the one who is infamous for their “Roundup” and GMO’s n Hybrids need to be SHUT DOWN…..they produce 90% of the world’s seeds…….All I can see coming from them are spliced mingled seeds and POISONOUS Insecticides……….
commented 2014-04-27 13:40:38 -0700 · Flag
Great show about the call for getting involved. I would welcome more information on funding sources for getting started.
commented 2014-01-22 17:16:24 -0800 · Flag
Hello. My name is Debra Nixon of Healthy Empowered Living Solutions which is a new business created to educate our community of sustainable living and “Back Yard Gardening” as well as A Nutritional Life Coaching to serve as an educator of the benefits of healing through our food. Getting my community connection back to the earth is our number 1 goal and we want to get into our county schools to teach children of the benefits of healthy eating for their future as well as their parents as seen in your film. It was amazing. I would so appreciate any financial or supporting educational resources you may have to get us connected here in Central Florida to like projects to support our planned Family Spring Planting Festival on April 5th 2014. Your assistance is much appreciated.
Blessings, Debra & Ken Nixon
Please visit our web site: healthyempoweredlivingsolutions.com
commented 2013-06-13 09:30:36 -0700 · Flag
I loved your film and am trying to spread the word through my blog www.makingthymeforhealth.com. I actually thought of starting a petition myself after watching this but if you are planning to start one then I would love to sign it myself and promote it for others to sign as well. I’ll be following you on Twitter for updates! Thanks for bringing light to such an important issue. :)
commented 2012-11-30 07:42:55 -0800 · Flag
thanks was a really good movie. we enjoy live in green. organic is health

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