Take Action

Fired up and ready to take action? That's what we like to hear! Here are FOUR ways to start making a difference:

ACTION 1: Get Informed and Educate Others

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.
  • Check out our resources and share with your friends
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about this film and share your knowledge about organic, local, and sustainable food

ACTION 2: Do It Yourself

  • Grow your own food (the National Gardening Association has great tips) and donate what you can’t eat to a local food bank.  
  • Vote with your fork. Spend your food dollars at local farmer’s markets, food producers, and sustainable restaurants.
  • Cook at home more often and teach your friends and family what you know about cooking.

ACTION 3: Join the Community

  • Volunteer at a community garden, school garden, or your local farmer’s market
  • Get involved with your local Slow Food chapter or other sustainable food organization
  • Get to know your local farmers. Most of them are very passionate about what they do and are happy to answer your questions about their farming practices

ACTION 4: Get Political

  • Sign our petitions (COMING SOON!)
  • Form a parent group to push for changes in your child’s school lunch program. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a great toolkit on their website
  • Attend a meeting of your local food policy council
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