In Organic We Trust DVD



      Take the Food System into Your Own Hands by HOSTING A SCREENING

      All Licenses include:

    • a DVD
    • Electronic publicity materials and photos
    • Flyer that can be edited and distributed for screening
    • License to screen the film for a group of people
    • Access to our online screening toolkit
    • Please contact us if you're interested in hosting more than one screening.
    •  Please select the option below that is most appropriate for you, let us know if you want to sell tickets, and fill out the HOST A SCREENING FORM if you will be organizing a gathering.   Director/Producer Kip Pastor is available for speeches, panels, and to attend screenings.  

      Please allow 4-10 business days for delivery. Email us if you want rush delivery or international shipping  

      NOTE: All licenses are for public performance screenings as specified under US Copyright Law. Any licenses for libraries, schools, or classrooms should be directed to The Video Project

      "Community Garden" License   (1-100 people)   $125

      For individuals, non-profits, and organizations that wish to screen the film where no admission is charged. (Donation collections to cover cost is fine.) Authorization for single public display of the film will be mailed to you.

      "Small Farm" License   (More than 100 people)   $250

      For institutions such as universities and colleges, libraries, student groups, museums, media art centers, unions, and national/regional organizations, who wish to screen the film in classrooms, for employees or to loan through libraries to members, students and instructors. Ticket sales not permitted.

      Question and Answer Sessions:

    • Skype: $150
    • In Person: Please contact us
    • Educational Licenses

      RETURN POLICY: We do not currently accept any returns. Thanks!
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