"put this film on your must-see list" - Diets in Review

“excellent introduction to the confusing world of Certified Organic." - Spinning Spoons     

"a relevant and revelatory documentary" - The Orange County Register

“a jaunty first-person tour”  - Washington Post

“puts the power in the hands of the individual" - Daily Californian                

“a lesson worth repeating" - Smells like Screen Spirit      

“explores what people are actually doing to address the issue” – Indianapolis Star 

cuts through the marketing hype" –



"Environmental Festival in the Nation's Capitol"

“In Organic We Trust,” a jaunty first-person tour of this burgeoning sector of the food business. The movie explains what “organic” is and isn’t... Read more here



VIDEO: "Documentary explores organic food industry"

"The director and producer of "In Organic We Trust," Kip Pastor, tells us about this new documentary film that tries to get to the bottom of all of this organic food hype."




"SF IndieFest a showcase for digital filmmakers" by G. Allen Johnson

Pastor spent time in Washington with aspirations of a political career, but became disillusioned with the process ("too corrupt"), deciding he can crusade for social issues he believes in by making documentaries. "In Organic We Trust" calls into question corporate influence in the organic food industry, and makes a good case for buying from local farmers. Read more here... 



"In Organic We Trust Earns This Skeptics Approval" by Lacy Jaye Hansen

I’m pretty skeptical when there’s a new food documentary that hits the scene. I’ve been scared in to or out of so many things because of this genre. Since Morgan Spurlock first freaked us all out with Super Size Me, or once the revolution rose up with viewings of Forks Over Knives, I’ve learned to take all these films with a grain of salt and consider the source....About 10 minutes into the film I was impressed, engaged, and intrigued. In Organic We Trust was on to something. Read more here...


"The Watch" by Kimberly Chun

"I've always been passionate about food, the environment and public policy. The film ties all of these together," [Kip Pastor] e-mailed before last Sunday's IndieFest screening (also next Thursday at the Roxie). "What is amazing about food is that it connects every socioeconomic, political and environmental issue with something we all do daily -- eat." Read more here...




"In Organic We Trust" by Kip Pastor

The organic food movement is certainly a great cause and it has definitely become big business. Now the only question is whether we will allow this well-intentioned movement, started by farmers who strived to be stewards of the land, to completely degenerate into a meaningless food trend. Read more here...


nprlogo.gif"Environmental Filmmaking As Advocacy"

Can a really good documentary film change the way we think and act? As the D.C. Environmental Film Festival gears up for its twentieth anniversary year, Kojo explores the evolution of advocacy films and examines what it takes for a film to change people's minds and impact their behavior.  Listen here (interview begins at 32:58)



 "Newport Film Fest a foreground for young filmmakers to find their audience" by Autumn McAlpin

Kip Pastor's In Organic We Trust is a relevant and revelatory documentary that forays into both the make-up and marketing of the foods we eat. From "pink slime" to GMOs to the newly unveiled "meat glue," consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with what's in the food they serve their families. Read more here...


Minnesota Monthly

 "Documentary Feature Film 'In Organic We Trust' to Screen at Twin Cities International Film Festival" by Marie Flanagan

Described as "an eye-opening food documentary that looks beyond organic for practical solutions for me and you," the film depicts a curious and fervent Pastor as he tries to understand the organic food industry and America's food system. Read more here...



"Opinion: When is organic not organic? Projecting Change Film Festival documentary takes on organic label and suggests hitting the farmer's markets instead" by Fiona Hughes

The American documentary dissects the term "organic," the government's involvement (via the U.S. Department of Agriculture), describes how big agri-business has muscled in on the lucrative "organic" brand and dispels a few myths, including the one that organic food is not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Read more here...



"In Organic We Trust - Projecting Change Film Festival" by Tessa Perkins

Most people eat at least some organic food in their diet these days, but many don't know what the word "organic" means, or why it's better for us. This film helps to shed light on what organic really means, and also shows how the system of USDA organic certification is flawed by being more concerned with profit than the philosophy of organic farming. Read more here...



 "Laying Out a Smorgasbord for Film Junkies" by Christopher Trela

Another timely topic that provides perfect film fodder is the organic food industry, thoroughly explored in the documentary "In Organic We Trust." Read more here...




"At the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival: Opening Night and Beyond" by Emily Trenholm

Best Bets - Documentary: In Organic We Trust (USA), as the Farm Bill works through Congress, takes a timely look at unsustainable food practices in the U.S. and asks if going organic is the answer. Read more here...



 "'In Organic We Trust.' Not Really" by Cliff Bostock

 I've written a good bit over the last few years about how meaningless the term "organic" has become. This is especially true since large corporations like Walmart have gotten into the act. Read more here...



  "Atlanta Film Festival Brings Diversity" by Annelise Alexander

To Kiplin, the message of the film is of the utmost importance, particularly for college students, who he called "next generation of decision makers" in an interview with the Wheel. He believes it is essential that we understand what we are eating and how we can make a difference in revolutionizing the way we eat. Read more here...



"Preview This! Closing Weekend of the Atlanta Film Festival" 

What is "organic," and what are the health benefits? Is organic farming better for you and better for the environment? The film examines these topics and also answers if a truly organic agriculture system can be self-sustaining with the current economic climate. Read more here...




"The San Francisco Independent Film Festival caters to alternative tastes" by Daily Cal Arts Staff

Directed and produced by Kip Pastor, “In Organic We Trust,” begins by exposing the contradictions in the organic industry. What began as an effort by smaller farmers to purify the growing process has been taken over and turned into a marketing ploy by corporate giants. Read more here...



Wanda's Picks Radio Show

Wanda Ali Batin Sabir's interview with director/producer Kip Pastor begins at 70:54 in this podcast.




All Natural Jenn: "In Organic We Trust" by Jenn Vincent

KnightTimes Spring 2012: "In Organic We Trust: Kip Pastor '00 brings the organic food conversation to the big screen" 

Lettuce Eat Together: "Movie Review: 'In Organic We Trust'" by Kate King 

Spinning Spoons: "In Organic We Trust: A Documentary" by Michelle Venetucci Harvey

Smells Like Screen Spirit: "In Organic We Trust | Review" by Caitlyn Collins

Doobious: "In Organic We Trust" 



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