Take the Food System into Your Own Hands by HOSTING A SCREENING

  • All Licenses include a DVD, electronic publicity materials, license to screen the film for a group of people, and access to our online screening toolkit
  • Please contact us if you're interested in hosting more than one screening.
  •  Please select the option below that is most appropriate for you, let us know if you want to sell tickets, and fill out the HOST A SCREENING FORM if you will be organizing a gathering.   Director/Producer Kip Pastor is available for speeches, panels, and to attend screenings.  

    Please allow 6-10 business days for delivery. Rush delivery and international shipping are also available at checkout. 

    Home Use License   (1-25 people)   $35

    Single or Unlimited Use

    "Community Garden" License   (1-100 people)   $125

    Single or Unlimited Use

    "Small Farm" License   (More than 100 people)   $250

    Single or Unlimited Use

    Educational Licenses

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